December 11, 2013

Sudan Group Criticizes Obama on Human Rights Day

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the daily beast
Published by Josh Rogin, December 10, 2013
One human rights group criticized President Obama Tuesday for not doing enough to combat human rights abuses in Sudan.

President Obama is in South Africa honoring human rights champion Nelson Mandela today, but back in Washington, a leading Sudan advocacy group is criticizing Obama’s record on protecting Africans in danger.

“In 2007, Mr. Obama said that genocide is ‘a stain on our souls’ and promised, ‘As president of the United States I don’t intend to abandon people or turn a blind eye to slaughter.’ Yet, according to Act for Sudan in the fifth year of his Presidency, he continues to oversee a disastrous approach to the ongoing genocide in Sudan,” the group will say in a Tuesday press release, timed to coincide with the annual celebration of Human Rights Day. “This approach has failed to prevent the tragic loss of countless civilian lives and the mass displacement and starvation of countless more innocent people. According to the national alliance, President Obama should develop a new pro-democracy and civilian protection-oriented policy on Sudan.”

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