Action Summit Live Stream

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March 10-11, 2013, Act for Sudan hosted the Sudan Emergency Action Summit. Below is a summary of recorded sessions.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

1:15pm (EST): Panel: The Future for Sudan
Panelists: Ahmed Hussain Adam, Abdalhaleim Hassan, Gouma Mahamat, Philip Tutu
Moderator: Faith McDonnell

2:55pm (EST): Panel: Lessons from 10 years of Sudan policy
Panelists: Nasredeen Abdulbari, Suliman Baldo, Zeinab Blandia
Moderator: Mohamed Suleiman

4:10pm (EST): Panel: Genocide Scholars on Intervention and Prevention
Panelists: Paul Slovic, Gregory Stanton, John Weiss
Moderator: Mark Hackett

5:20pm (EST):Justice
Speaker: Luis Moreno Ocampo
Moderator: Eric Cohen

Monday, March 11, 2013

8:15am (EST): Panel: Perspectives on Sudan Media Coverage
Panelists: P.J. Crowley, Rosiland Jordan, Josh Rogin
Moderator: Elizabeth Blackney

9:30am (EST): Panel: Policy and Action – Changing USG Policy
Panelists: John Prendergast, Rich Williamson
Moderator: Eric Cohen

10:55am (EST):Insights from International Leadership
Speaker: Mukesh Kapila
Moderator: Kimberly Hollingsworth

12:00pm (EST): Closing Remarks by Carl Wilkens