February 1, 2012

Global Post: Mitt Romney Condemns Killings in Sudan

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Mitt Romney has released a statement outlining his views on the government of Sudan’s ongoing history of committing genocide and atrocities, the gravity of the current government-led assaults on civilians, and his commitment to “protect innocents” and ensure that “humanitarian aid reaches those desperately in need.” The statement was provided to Act for Sudan, a bipartisan, interfaith alliance of American and Sudanese advocacy organizations, following the alliance’s request to all presidential candidates to disclose their views on U.S. Sudan policy.

Andrew Meldrum, at Global Post, wrote this about Romney’s statement:

Republican frontrunner denounces “slow motion genocide” in Sudan.

BOSTON — At last a Republican candidate is talking about an African foreign policy issue.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney today condemned the “slow motion genocide” in Sudan and pledged, if he becomes president, to “protect innocents” in Sudan.

“For too long far too many Sudanese have been victims of war crimes and other atrocities committed by the government in Khartoum and its proxies,” said Romney, in a statement he released to Act Sudan.

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