September 11, 2012

Stop Financial Relief to Sudan

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The Obama Administration is actively working to help provide financial relief for the genocidal Sudan regime. We are concerned and outraged by this development that, if implemented, has the potential to fund more atrocities by the Sudan regime. 

Disturbingly, reports indicate that the State Department will help facilitate the transfer of $3 billion to the regime in Khartoum.  The U.S. government reportedly plans to encourage China, Kuwait, Qatar, and possibly others to provide these resources, and waive U.S. sanctions affecting dollar transfers.

Representatives Ed Royce (R-CA) and Jim McGovern (D-MA) intend to issue a letter to Secretary Clinton, co-signed by supporting Members of Congress, expressing their grave concern on this issue early next week. This letter is a direct result of previous actions by AFS supporters like you. Keep the pressure on the Obama Administration by sending an email to your Member of Congress asking him or her to sign onto this important letter.

Email your Member of Congress to stop Financial Relief to Sudan’s genocidal regime now.