September 24, 2013

Sudan Tribune: Activists urge UN to waive Bashir’s immunity as diplomats express doubts over his arrival

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September 24, 2013 (WASHINGTON)

An American advocacy group has urged the UN chief not to insist on Washington’s obligation to grant a visa to the Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir as international diplomats expressed doubts on his arrival to New York.

The Sudanese foreign ministry has previously reiterated its demand that a visa is issued for Bashir in accordance with the 1947 UN Headquarters Agreement.

Yesterday Bashir said that he has made travel plans to New York through Morocco airspace and even booked a hotel there during the UN General Assembly meetings this week.

He also challenged the US, as a non-ICC member, to apprehend him during his planned stay.

The US up till Monday would not give a status on Bashir’s visa request but revealed that the ICC warrant will be considered.

Today, a US-based group called on UN top man to lift Bashir’s immunity.

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