April 1, 2014

Act to End Genocide

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I Stand with Abdulrahman

April is Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. It is a time for remembrance and reflection. More importantly, it is a time for action to save lives now. You can act to end genocide, by standing with Abdulrahman, a survivor of genocide in Darfur. Please act and invite your community to do the same, as we work to change the way we—as individuals, families, communities, a nation, and the world—respond to the most horrible of all crimes, genocide.

Act to End Genocide: I Stand with Abdulrahman from stopgenocidenow on Vimeo.

Take these 3 actions:

1. Watch the Abdulrahman video and sign the online petition. Want to do more? Invite your family, friends, faith group, or community to gather and watch the video together and have a conversation. Have everyone sign the online petition or download a hard copy for signing at a gathering.

2. Share the video and action with your online community using hashtag #ActToEndGenocide:


I stand with Abdulrahman and all the Sudanese people who have been victims of genocide and mass atrocities in Sudan. Watch his video and #ActToEndGenocide: http://bit.ly/1iXAYKX


VIDEO: Stand with Darfuri #genocide survivor Abdulrahman and #ActToEndGenocide today http://bit.ly/1iXAYKX

3. Find at least 5 friends who are willing to do the above two actions.