October 9, 2014

Sudan Tribune: Darfur and Two Areas activists urge Obama to maintain sanctions on Sudan

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October 8, 2014 (WASHINGTON)

Sudanese activists living in the United States of America called on president Barack Obama to rejects efforts conducted by the African Union to lift economic sanctions on their country.

“We are writing to you today because we are deeply concerned about the recent actions by the African Union (AU), led by Mr. Thabo Mbeki, in concert with some leaders and parties aligned with the Government of Sudan, to rescue the ailing regime in Khartoum while ignoring the suffering people in the war-torn regions of Sudan,” said the letter which is signed by 22 groups and 424 individuals.”

In a meeting held on 12 September the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AUPSC) called on the warring parties in the Two Areas and Darfur to meet in Addis Ababa to negotiate a cessation of hostilities to be followed by an all parties meeting to reach a framework agreement on the national dialogue.

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Download the letter and full list of signatories here.