June 26, 2015

AFS Letter to Representatives to the United Nations

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Mr. Francois Delattre
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of France
 to The United Nations

Mrs. Dina Kawar
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of
 The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to The United Nations

Mr. Gerard van Bohemen
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of New Zealand to the United Nations

Mr. Roman Oyarzun
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Spain
 to The United Nations

Mr. Matthew Rycroft
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the
 United Kingdom to the United Nations
Ms. Samantha Power
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the
 United States of America to the United Nations

Your Excellencies:

Act for Sudan, an alliance of 74 American and Sudanese grassroots organizations that advocate for an end to genocide and mass atrocities in Sudan, thanks each one of you for giving Hawa Abdullah Mohamed Salih the opportunity to present at the Arria-formula meeting regarding Darfur on Friday, June 19, 2015. We very much appreciate your attendance and attention, distinguishing yourselves among your colleagues on the UN Security Council.

Act for Sudan urges each of your nations, together with willing partner nations, to do as much as possible to feed, care for and protect Sudanese civilians under attack by their government. In addition, any pressure your nation can put upon the Sudanese government to end these atrocities would be very effective.

Act for Sudan also respectfully requests that each of Your Excellencies (individually or as a group) make a public statement calling for the UN Security Council to strengthen UNAMID and extend its mandate to protect civilians, along with the other actions listed below. Current conditions in Darfur are even worse today than when UNAMID was first authorized. A decision not to extend the mandate is an abandonment of Darfuri civilians by the international community and effectively grants the Sudan government license to implement what it has called “the final solution.”

At the meeting Ms. Salih made the following critically important requests of the UN Security Council to prevent continued genocide and atrocities from being committed against Sudanese civilians:

  1. Strengthen UNAMID to be an effective force to protect Darfuri civilians and renew its mandate to do so;
  2. Make it a priority to deliver sufficient humanitarian aid to the needy Sudanese civilians in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains/South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Chad, with or without agreement from the governments of Sudan and Chad, respectively, with the urgency required to save starving people;
  3. Order an independent investigation into the rapes that occurred in Tabit so that the truth will emerge and the perpetrators will be punished;
  4. Enforce the arrest warrants that have been issued by the ICC, offering justice to the victims; and
  5. Ensure that Russia and China stop selling arms – including jets and cluster bombs that are being used against innocent civilians — to the Sudanese government.

Again, we thank you and hope that you will act with urgency to protect and save the Sudanese people.

Eric Cohen
Co-Founder, Act for Sudan

Download a PDF of this letter here.