April 26, 2019

Act for Sudan Applauds Sudan Protesters and U.S. Support for Civilian Transitional Council

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Sudanese, including youth, women, professionals, civil society organizations and opposition groups, have peacefully protested the genocidal Sudan regime since December 2018, and those in Khartoum are currently camped outside of military headquarters demanding a civilian-led transitional council instead of the military council that removed Bashir and seized power on April 11, 2019.  These protests are part of a decades-long struggle against a regime that has destroyed and marginalized Sudanese from all corners of the country.  Act for Sudan admires and congratulates the Sudanese people for uniting around a vision of a free, just and peaceful Sudan and for demonstrating remarkable courage, determination and perseverance in achieving that worthy vision.  Act for Sudan, an alliance of American citizen activists and Sudanese U.S. residents with partners around the world, stands in solidarity with the people of Sudan and encourages the Sudanese to stand firm outside of military headquarters in Khartoum and in cities, towns, villages and IDP camps throughout Sudan until their demands are met and they reclaim their country.

Act for Sudan commends the United States government for joining the African Union, the European Union and other members of the international community in support of the immediate transfer of power to an inclusive civilian transitional governing council.  Act for Sudan urges the U.S. to recognize that the military council is another version of the Bashir regime and that its leaders, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and Lt Gen Mohamed Hamdan (aka Hemiti) are responsible for orchestrating genocide, mass atrocities and war crimes in Sudan.  Even now, Hemiti’s Rapid Support Forces, formerly the Janjaweed, hold the IDP camps in Darfur under siege.  While the military council makes gestures to appease legitimate concerns about its membership and intentions, the Sudanese people are not fooled.  The Sudanese have suffered for far too long and they are demanding change.  We urge the U.S. to stand firmly on the right side of history with the people of Sudan in support of freedom, justice and genuine peace.