Event Ideas for 2012 National Days of Action for Sudan

Not sure what type of event you want to organize for 2012 National Days of Action for Sudan? Check out these opportunities and ideas:

Community gatherings:

  • School or faith-based group lock-ins, where participants spend the night in a particular location, eat together, watch movies, have discussions, engage in activities including “Letters to Guisma”
  • Cocktail, house or fraternity/sorority-hosted party with the express purpose of filling out postcards or using Guisma’s silhouette for an art project

Educational opportunities:

  • Teach-ins/Workshops/Panels with experts on Sudan, survivors or other relevant speakers, culminating in “Letters to Guisma” activity at close of program.
  • Demonstrations/Flier distribution/Walks, either culminating in postcards or as element of program. Suggested locations: UN, Federal or State buildings, embassies, college campuses, religious institutions, city events such as film festivals, fairs, or farmers’ markets.

Partner opportunities:


  • Art opening with tables for “Letter to Guisma” activity
  • Content created specifically for event by artist/otherwise on theme
  • “Letters to Guisma” postcard art pre-created and put on display

Pamper for a Purpose

  • Vendors donate “pampering” services (manicures, massages, haircuts) and come to a day at the park, where attendees pay a fee in exchange for those services

Host “Letters to Guisma” action table on campus, during lunch, or after faith services.

Additional Ideas:

  • Drumming Circles
  • Candlelight vigils
  • Stage a Die-In
  • Commemorate the towns destroyed in Sudan: Have a list of all the towns destroyed in Sudan (AfS partners can provide). Participants read the names of towns and “adopt” one as their own. Everybody in attendance holds up the name of their adopted town on a piece of paper in a moment of silence.
  • Produce a theatrical production (donate proceeds to a relevant nonprofit). Some ready made options include Incident at Vichy (Arthur Miller) or In Darfur (Winter Miller), or an original piece.