April 1, 2012

Obama, Why are you still waiting?

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Recently members of Congress, Sudan activists and celebrities like George Clooney have sounded the alarm about the 400,000 civilians in Sudan’s regions of South Kordofan and Blue Nile that are starving to death at the hands of their own government.  The Obama administration has noted that lack of food has reach “emergency” levels, one step below “catastrophe,” but has still not acted to provide relief and protection to these endangered people.

Ask the Obama Administration why they are waiting to save lives.

With the rainy season looming, making the region inaccessible, innocent Sudanese civilians can’t wait any longer. The Obama Administration must lead and take action, unilaterally if needed, to save lives immediately. Time has run out for relying simply on dialogue and negotiations with Omar al Bashir’s genocidal regime in Sudan that, for decades, has killed while it talks.

Send an email to senior Administration officials with responsibility for Sudan policy, asking the United States to urgently take necessary steps to save lives and avoid complicity in genocide.