June 28, 2012

Voice your support for democratic transformation in Sudan

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The brave protesters are asking citizens around the word to voice support for their call for the end of the rule of the NCP and their advocacy for the civil, political, social and economic rights of the Sudanese people.

Please take action in one or both of the following ways:

On Twitter: Friday, June 29th, is a pivotal day for the protesters. Starting now and over the next 24 hours please actively tweet and re-tweet using the hashtag #SudanRevolts.

Some suggestions:

I support the protesters of #SudanRevolts who seek to oust the NCP regime and pursue democratic transformation http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/711/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=11021

Email the U.S. State Department

Tell the State Department that you want the United States to abandon their current policy of appeasement of the NCP and instead support the brave efforts of the protesters.