August 2, 2012

Secretary Clinton to Visit South Sudan

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This week, as hundreds of thousands of civilians in Sudan face imminent death by violence and starvation orchestrated by the government of Sudan, Secretary of State Clinton will visit South Sudan to “encourage progress in negotiations with Sudan.” Given the gravity of the food emergency, Secretary Clinton must do more than “encourage progress.”

Call the Department of State comment line at 202-647-6575 and press 8 to record your message for Secretary Clinton. If the mailbox is full, write your message here.

Suggested message:

This is [your name] calling from [city], [state]. I am deeply concerned about the lack of action by the U.S. to deliver humanitarian aid to the many civilians in Sudan facing imminent starvation due to actions by their own government. During your trip to South Sudan, please commit to U.S. action to deliver humanitarian aid, with or without agreement from the UN Security Council, with multilateral partners or unilaterally, and with the urgency that is required to save starving people.

Tweet This: As #Sudan forces starvation on its citizens, CALL #SecClinton to ask US to deliver humanitarian aid @statedept