February 21, 2013

Ask Secretary Kerry to Lead for Sudan

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Government-sponsored genocide continues in Sudan. Innocent civilians are bombed, starved and displaced by the hundreds of thousands. For the past four years, the Obama administration has frequently expressed grave concerns, but has pursued a policy of engagement, employing conciliatory diplomacy rather than confronting the regime in Sudan with consequences for genocide and crimes against humanity. Despite the attention of two Special Envoys, the U.S. policy has failed to stop the government of Sudan from committing more mass atrocities.

Please join us in asking Secretary Kerry, as he begins his tenure at the State Department, to lead an urgent shift in U.S. Sudan policy to address the root cause of Sudan’s multiple conflicts, the repressive and genocidal Sudan regime.

Ask Secretary Kerry to strengthen U.S. policy to stop the mass atrocities in Sudan 

Tweet Action: #SecKerry, Pls lead urgent shift in US #Sudan policy. #Genocide continues on our watch. http://bit.ly/W50OVw @statedept @ambassadorrice