April 30, 2013

Nafie Ali Nafie: Not Welcome in America

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Update: “The United States informed the Sudanese government that its invitation to presidential assistant and vice chairman of ruling National Congress Party (NCP) Nafie Ali Nafie is on hold following Khartoum’s decision to freeze cooperation agreements with South Sudan.” – Sudan Tribune

The State Department is readying the proverbial red carpet for one of the leading architects and implementers of the genocide in Sudan, Nafie Ali Nafie.

To survivors of genocide in Sudan, Nafie Ali Nafie is a notorious figure. As a senior advisor to Sudan’s president, Nafie headed the feared National Intelligence and Security Service, established the “ghost houses” of torture, and helped design the regime’s strategy to eliminate or expel indigenous African people by bombing, attacking, raping and starving innocent civilians. The ICC named Nafie as among the key senior officials who were complicit in Bashir’s crimes.

The Administration’s invitation for high-level talks undermines established U. S. policy and violates President Obama’s promise to bar perpetrators of serious human rights violations from entry into the country.

Please join us in protesting this alarming plan: Ask Secretary of State John Kerry to rescind the invitation.

Tweet this: Tell @StateDept that #NafietheButcher is not welcome in the US. No American red carpet for war criminals http://bit.ly/ZjBE1N

Statements from Nafie’s Victims:

My name is Abdalmageed Salih Abker Haroun and I am a victim of torture by Nafie Ali Nafie from 2009 to 2010. I was arrested in Khartoum and taken to the National Intelligence and Security Service building where I was tortured. I asked why I was being tortured, and security agents told me that my file was sent to Nafie and he would decide if I would be detained or released. There was an international campaign launched for my release, which included a letter from the late Congressman Donald Payne. Nafie said he did not care what the international community said. He said there was no evidence against me, but he felt like I was suspicious and so he ordered me to stay for more than four and half months. I was tortured every day. I do not welcome Nafie to the United States and the U.S. should not do any deals with the Sudan government except to increase sanctions and pressure until the government is removed. (April 30, 2013)

My name is Hawa Salih and I am one survivor of the Darfur genocide. My village was destroyed completely, and one hundred family members were killed systemically, ethnically as Fur tribe people. 50 ladies were raped as a weapon of war from my village; ten of them were ladies from my family. For nine years I was forced to live in a refugee camp. I was arrested three times, kidnapped twice, tortured with electric shock, treated without dignity in detention, and sentenced to death. I was forced to flee Sudan because of my activism as a human rights activist in rejecting the serious crimes that were happening to my people. I was the voice of the women and youth in the IDP camps and universities as well as among students and activists. This was carried out since 2003 until May 2011 by the NCP, Nafie as one of them, and the Janjaweed militia. In addition, Nafie led the very high level of torture, which was witnessed by millions of Sudanese and Southern Sudanese, and it is still ongoing. The United States should not deal with the Sudan government until it immediately allows humanitarian aid into war affected areas; stops bombing Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile; allows the UN and the US to protect civilians and to investigate human rights crimes; and sends criminals to the ICC. (April 30, 2013)

My name is Aldoma Idris, a Darfuri journalist, and Nafie directly ordered the security personnel to torture me. Nafie is responsible directly for the torture of the Darfur activists and politicians. Nafie told the security which type of torture to use for each person. For me, I was tortured with electricity and I was beaten on my head so that I cannot see well. They took out four teeth. I was beaten on my neck and my back, and I became very sick with many diseases. I saw with my own eyes how Nafie directed the torture in Kober and Dabik. Some people were killed; some became unconscious, and others crazy. I witnessed this torture. I want to raise my voice that Nafie is a criminal and not welcome in the United States. I send my voice to all torture victims to send the message that Nafie is not welcome. (May 3, 2013)

Excerpt from complaint by Dr. Farouk Mohamed Ibrahim to the African Commission on Human Rights and Peoples’ Rights.

Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie interrogated the applicant, [Dr. Farouk Mohamed], on the evening of his day of arrest, Thursday, 30th November, on views the applicant had expressed in the University staff union assembly, of which they were both members. He also wanted to know from the applicant the place and time of the coming Union Executive Committee meeting, as well as location of certain opposition leaders presumed to be in hiding. During the interrogations, the applicant was subjected to the following methods of torture in the presence of the above named persons:

1. Repeatedly kicked, beaten in the face, on the head and other parts of the body as well as flogged.
2. Subjected to a prolonged bath in ice water.
3. Threatened with rape and death.
4. Sleep deprivation of up to three days.

The applicant was detained in a small and dirty 1 metre by 1.6 metre toilet room flooded with water for three days before being transferred to another bathroom where he was held together with five other detainees for another nine days.

If you would like to contribute your own statement about Nafie, please email info@actforsudan.com

Outrage Over Nafie’s Proposed Visit to the US:

Statement from Mukesh Kapila, Former UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the Sudan:

“I am totally dismayed by the Obama administration’s invitation to Nafie Ali Nafie to visit Washington DC. As the UN chief in Sudan at that time, I saw his handiwork at first hand in 2003-2004 when he and his henchmen masterminded the genocidal violence in Darfur, and I have witnessed its extension to the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile when I went there earlier this year. All of past history – everywhere – teaches us that negotiating with mass murderers and torturers always fails and that only a principled approach to peacemaking with justice and accountability at the core of it – will work. Sudan is most unlikely to be an exception to long-established experience. The United States Government must learn from history and show moral courage and practical leadership in confronting – and not appeasing – the genocidal regime in Sudan.”


About Nafie Ali Nafie
Adviser and Presidential Assistant
Former Chief of National Intelligence and Security Services
More information regarding Nafie’s role in spreading terror in Sudan and supporting rogue states and terrorist organizations worldwide can be found here.